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Backpacker Car Rentals specialises in the quality, budget end of the market, with rates are as low as $20 per day. We offer small, reliable metro cars for hire to cost conscious holidaymakers, backpackers, FIFO workers and local residents.

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Booking online is made super easy by using our secure payment facility provided by Westpac and SecurePay, or please feel free to call us for personal service Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm & Saturday 8.30 - 11am. Ph +61 8 94308869.

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Our goal is to make your car hire as easy as possible. Whether you're booking online, by phone, or dropping into our Fremantle premises we offer the same friendly service and fast, simple booking process.

Terms & Conditions

We've tried to make our Terms & Conditions as clear and simple as possible, so please make sure you understand them and feel free to ask any questions you may have before you go. Our tariffs are fully quoted and have no hidden charges!

Vehicle Models - Our rental fleet at a glance

$ 140.00 rent per week
Budget Economy
Air conditioning Yes
Minimum driver age 25 years
Fuel 8L/100km
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$ 175.00 rent per week
Air conditioning Yes
Minimum driver age 25 years
Fuel 7.5L/100km
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Address : 284 Hampton Road, South Fremantle WA 6162

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Phone: +61 8 9430 8869
Email: info@bpcrentals.com.au

Rental Service


Although our vehicles are older models, typically the Australian average age of 10 years, they are well maintained by qualified experienced mechanics. We are confident your rental experience will be absolutely wonderful and that you'll be pleased to recommend us to your family and friends!

We have a few simple conditions applicable to our value packed deals.

  1. The driver must be aged 21 years or above.
    Our quoted rental tariffs assume the driver is aged 25 or above. If you are aged between 21 - 24 then an additional AUD$35 per week applies.
  2. The driver must be the holder of a current driver's licence valid for use in Western Australia.
    We accept almost any driver's licence provided it is translated in English. We recommend you obtain an 'International Driving Permit' before travelling to Australia.
  3. The driver must produce recent photograph identification.
    Driver's Licence, Passport, Student Identification Card, Library Card or Security Identification Card are just a few examples of acceptable photograph id - you may have something else which is acceptable like a Credit Card with photograph - basically any form of official photograph id is OK.
  4. The driver must be able to verify current residential address.
    Latest telephone or electricity account, bank statement, Credit Card statement etc. Almost anything is fine providing it has been posted to your current residential address within 1-2 weeks prior to pick-up. If you are visiting Western Australia from another state or country, in addition to the above verification of your usual residential address, you will also need full details of your Perth address including contact phone number (perhaps a rental accommodation receipt for the duration of your stay or a friend/family member's local details).
  5. Payment of a Security Deposit Bond
    A Security Deposit Bond of just AUD$500 (conditions apply) applies to drivers aged 25 years and above. The Bond is paid at the commencement of hire and held as a security deposit pending safe return of the car. If you are aged between 21-24 years of age, the bond required is AUD$1000. You may pay the security deposit by cash or credit card but please be advised a 3% surcharge applies to credit card payments. The security deposit will be refunded either to your nominated bank account or credit card as soon as possible after the return of the vehicle to the depot.
  • Travel is valid within the Perth Metropolitan area only and is defined by us as follows:
    "The definition extends to and includes Mandurah to the south
    and Yanchep to the north of the City of Perth, WA"
  • Travel to unauthorised destinations is not permitted and may result in the loss of
    your security deposit bond.
  • Travel to some Country areas permitted please check with reception.


  • The cost of the car rental includes 700kms per week (or 100 kms per day for additional odd days ie: an 8 day hire would include total kms of 800kms);
  • All government taxes;
  • RAC roadside service is provided for peace of mind;
  • Standard damage cover is included in any price you are quoted! The base rental tariff assumes the driver is over the age of 25 years. An additional cost applies for drivers aged 21-24 years (see Further Information at bottom of page).
  • All vehicles are fitted with security immobilisers to help prevent theft.
  • We do not offer an airport pick-up and/or delivery service. Our off-airport services allow us to provide discounted rates without the expensive location overheads.
  • Cleaning of the vehicle is not included in the cost of hire and we recommend you wash and vacuum the vehicle prior to returning to the depot. If time restraints or lack of enthusiasm prevail, a AUD$50 fee will apply for a standard wash and vacuum if required. This also enables us to provide discounted rates without expensive labour costs.
  • Damage cover for damage caused by wildlife is specifically excluded as our car rental services are Metropolitan only. Travel away to the countryside is not permitted. The damage cover does not extend to theft of the motor vehicle.
  • A break-down of the vehicle due to operator error (for example: low or no fuel, keys locked in car, broken key or flat battery) will result in a call-out fee being payable by you. The roadside service is complimentary for mechanical failures only not operator error or non-urgent items.
  • Excess kilometres travelled over and above those included in your rental tariff accumulate and are charged at the applicable cost per km imposed by the Owner
  • Fuel is not included in the price of your rental and must be replaced to the level indicated on your car hire agreement.  A fuel service applies in addition to the cost of refuelling if we are required to fill the vehicle.
  • Cigarette smoking, transportation of pets and tampering with company identification affixed to the vehicle is not permitted and may result in a bond deduction.
  • Damage cover includes an accident with another vehicle, with multiple vehicles or in a single vehicle accident.
  • The damage cover does not extend to theft nor does it limit your liability if you have broken a state or federal law. All motor vehicles are fitted with anti-theft devices.
  • The damage cover does not extend to costs related to property other than motor vehicles (including but not limited to power poles, fences, traffic signs, laptops, navigation devices, mobile phones, luggage, money and jewellery).
  • Your claim for cover may be limited or declined in certain circumstances:
    • Common Reasons that Your Claim may be Declined

      Your claim may be declined because you haven’t supplied enough information or because your cover does not extend to the loss or incident for which you are making a claim.

      Your cover may be limited or a portion of your claim paid in some circumstances, such as failure to provide details of the third party responsible for the damages, or if the event causes some additional damage not covered.

      Common Reasons that Your Claim may be Declined include:-

      1. Exclusions. These are events, situations or circumstances that will not be covered when you make a claim, such as theft of the motor vehicle or failure to prevent another person from driving the vehicle when they are not permitted by us to do so.
      2. Conditions and Responsibilities. You may not have met conditions or responsibilities outlined in your Car Hire Agreement such as to remain within the permitted areas of travel.
      3. Cancellation of your Cover. Usually, if your Car Hire Agreement has not been renewed, or you have not paid the rent when due, or it has been cancelled, you will not be able to make a claim.
      4. Non-Disclosure. You are obliged to tell us about anything that might affect your risk when you take out or renew your collision damage liability cover, such as prior driving history or medical conditions. Failure to disclose may affect your ability to claim on your cover.
      5. Should you require protection from those risks not specially covered by our limited Collision Damage Liability cover, you should approach a third party insurer for additional cover. This will be at your cost and is outside the scope of our services.
  • If you are not at fault for the damages, you are entitled to recover your costs from the responsible party or their insurer. If you successfully recover the damages from a third party, then no cost whatsoever is borne by you.
  • The damage liability is payable regardless of fault and due immediately.
  • We offer a CDW (collision damage waiver) which is optional and reduces your potential costs as follows:-
Age 25+Australian Driver LicenceAUD$1250Reduced to just AUD$500
Age 25+Non-Australian Driver LicenceAUD$2500Reduced to just AUD$1250
Age 21-24Australian Driver LicenceAUD$1950Reduced to just AUD$950
Age 21-24Non-Australian Driver LicenceAUD$3250Reduced to just AUD$1750
  • The cost of the CDW (collision damage waiver) is AUD$56 per week or AUD$8 per day.
  • If you can not afford to pay the above damage liability amounts we strongly suggest you take out the CDW (collision damage waiver)!
  • If the sole driver of the vehicle is aged between 21 - 24 years of age, please add a further AUD$35 per week (AUD$5 per day) to the rental tariff.
  • If you require a second driver, the cost will be an additional AUD$21 per week (or AUD$3 per day) for a driver aged 25 years or above and AUD$56 per week (or AUD$8 per day) for a driver aged 21 - 24 years.
  • Security deposit bond of AUD$500 generally applies to holders of an Australian Driver's Licence. Presentation of an International Driver's Licence may be subject to a higher security deposit at the discretion of Backpacker Car Rentals.

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